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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get an RSVP spot from you guys?

Visit the main page and select your desired sneaker from the list. You will be directed to a RSVP page for that sneaker. Click the BUY NOW button to complete your purchase on Paypal. The RSVP fee varies for each shoe depending on the availability of that sneaker. Limited spots are available for each niketown so make sure to get a spot early.

Q: How are you able to secure the RSVP's?

Well without giving too much away, we have created a method which will grab the tweet and pull the secret hashtag and DM the niketown back automatically. All this is done much much faster than any human can do it. Are you capable of sending a DM on your own in 0.001 seconds? My method can. This is the amount of time we are talking about here. Though not bulletproof, our services give you the best shot out there.

Q: How will I know if I get an RSVP?

After all the Niketown's have tweeted that the DM's have been sent, we will go in and gather up all our winner's and take a screenshot of the RSVP for proof. We will email all the winner's the screensot and the twitter name used to secure the RSVP. For those who do not receive a RSVP, we will refund them their payment 100%.

Q: What if the Niketown I choose tweets they are not doing an RSVP for that release?

We will refund you 100% of the RSVP service fee or you may request to be put in a slot for another Niketown.

Q: I made a mistake on my order. What do I do?

Send us an email with your payment information and we will make the change.

Q: What if you can't secure me an RSVP?

If for any reason we can't secure you an RSVP, the RSVP service fee will be refunded 100%!!! Unfortunately, though we guarantee our services and will submit your RSVP 100's of times faster than any human and will get you to the top of the list, there are some factors out of our control. These include, incomplete shipments to the Niketown location, sizes not being in stock at the location, changes in procedure by Nike, and general shadiness of some store employees.

Q: What payments are accepted?

We currently only accept payments through Paypal.

Q: Will you get me the RSVP and then ship the shoes to me?

No. Our services are only for the time involved in obtaining the RSVP. It is the responsibility of the buyer that once the RSVP is secured, they go to the Niketown at the specified time to pay and pick up the sneakers. Legendary Products will never buy and ship sneakers.

Q: I don't see the shoes I want to RSVP for on the site. How can I RSVP for them?

If there are a pair of sneakers you would like to RSVP for that isn't on the site. Send us an email and we will put them on the site for you.